Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A little while ago, my mom gave me a huge box of my old papers and artwork from when I was little. And a separate box filled...FILLLED...with notes from high school. Oh the horror of all the teenager drama. Kids nowadays, do they ever write notes on PAPER? While a lot of it is embarrassing and I can't believe I ever talked like that, I'm thankful that I have them. They're funny memories. I feel kind of bad for future generations that probably won't have these kind of physical mementos of their childhood.

Anyway...the point of the story. In my younger box, I found a lot of silly stories I wrote. I thought one in particular that I wrote when I was 11 was pretty funny and my initial thoughts after reading it were "is this how nyan cat was born?!" Ok, it's a stretch, but it still made me laugh.

The entire story goes...

The Rainbow Lady

One day a girl named Alison was wondering how a rainbow was made.
Alison had asked her parents, her teacher, and her other relatives.
But nobody knew how a rainbow was made.
After a rain storm, a very colorful lady attracted Alison outside.
The lady said "I am the rainbow lady, I make the rainbows. I fly in the air and a rainbow comes out from my back."
From then on Alison knew how a rainbow was made.
The End.

Brilliant, isn't it? I probably should have gone into writing as a profession.

Maybe I'll share my murder mystery story next!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Updates

I think the last time I made some new Plini figurines in time for Halloween was 2 years ago. I don't know why I can't plan ahead! The holiday-themed figurines are my favorite, and I just forget about them for no good reason. But not this year! I just updated the shop with a whole bunch of Halloween-themed Plini figurines (and a few black pocket kitties!). I'm a big fan of the witch with her bright green face!

I have a few more figurines sculpted out and ready for painting, that I also want to make Halloween-themed. Some cupcake-topped gals specifically. Hopefully I can get to them in time!

I also recently finished up a custom doggy figurine. I typically only take custom requests on dog figurines because, unlike most cats (which my shop is jam-packed with), dogs look so different from one another. Kitties have a basic shape, but dogs are all over the place. Long snouts, short snouts, pointy snouts, smushy faces, big ears, short ears, ears that stick up, cropped ears, big tails, curly tails, fluffy fur, short fur, underbites, overbites, etc etc etc. I do try to stick to my style of figurine though! How did I do?

And now for some precious new kitty pictures because I'm in love with her. She's the bestest kitty ever! I couldn't have found a better cuddly addition. And she loves to play with my hair.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eevee, the precious angelface

I'm slowly starting to grow my "crazy cat lady" army. We got a new kitty last week!

Say hello to Eevee (named after the Pokemon, cuz why not)

The shelter we got her from says she's about 4 months old. She was also there with her sister and brother. The brother was already adopted. And it was so so hard to not just adopt both sisters! Especially when they told me if you adopt one cat the second one is only half price. Box them up...I'll take em all! But I know we don't really have the room.
Since taking her home, she hasn't stopped purring! I've been joking that her purr box is broken and stuck on auto. I don't mind. It's so adorable.

I forgot how tiny kittens are too. My adult cats look like monsters next to her!

(some of these pictures are grainy because I took them using my tablet's crappy camera)

Spike was hissing and snorting his face off when we brought Eevee home, used to being the baby. But they're slowly becoming buddies now, which is awesome! He could use the kitten rough-housing exercise. He's close to 18 pounds about now. My meatball.

We're also convinced that Eevee's a genius cat too. She didn't need any help finding the litter box and she watches tv! Those are the two main factors that determine cat genius, I'm pretty sure.

Friday, August 10, 2012

crazy weather

A week ago...or two weeks ago? Yeah maybe two weeks ago. The days just fly by! Anywho...we had a big storm in North Carolina. The sky tore open and a waterfall came pouring down with crazy crazy winds.

As fast as the storm came, it was over, but not before knocking down crazy amounts of trees in the area and cutting out our power and part of the town's. One giant tree even fell on the building next to ours, damaging the roof. We didn't have power for a whole day! Which was so awful, living on the third floor, where the heat rises and it's always a million degrees.
Every time we lose power I'm reminded that I need to pick up better candles. I can only light so many tealights. Not that we were excited to have all these little heat sources scattered around the apartment when it was 100 degrees.

I'm also reminded how helpless we all are when there's no electricity. No computers, no tv, no radio, no cooking, no lights, no charging cell phones or Nintendo DS's. All my ice cream steadily melting in the now turned off freezer. This is why books can never go out of style. It's one of those few things you can do without electricity. Of course, I'll admit, Lou was happily reading his book all night, while I sulked around the apartment. It was too hot to read.

Aside from the crazy weather, I finally finished up a teeny army of more small Plini figurines. These ones I'll be slowly listing in my shop. But I have a lot more that I'll be dropping off at This & That Gift Gallery today. More cupcakes, cookies and even a few doughnut girls!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things are evolving.

heh heh...get it?

So this is happening...

I've started painting neckties! And wow, is it a breath of fresh air to paint on something flat compared to 3-dimensional shoes. No worrying about warped images or funky stitches.

I haven't had a ton of time to make more designs, since I'm also working on a bunch of other things at the moment. But I do plan on making lots more Pokemon-themed ties. They're just so fun. And there's sooooo many Pokemon to choose from! I plan on painting Haunter next. I have a nice dark gray tie picked out for it. Lou said I should have gone all out with bright purple. But I like the spookiness of the dark gray. We'll see!

The first necktie design I painted was Mario-themed, to match the shoes I paint.

Don't ask me why my next thought was Pokemon. I have no rhyme or reason. No, wait, yes...I do have a reason. I love Pokemon. Who doesn't love Pokemon?

On a completely different note...I had to buy a replacement cell phone charger the other day for the one I had that finally fell apart enough times that I couldn't glue it back together again. The amazing sad part of it only cost 58 cents. THAT'S HOW OLD MY PHONE IS. It's kind of gotten to the point where I feel like "we've been through so much" that I don't want to replace it. It's getting kind of pathetic though. One hinge is broke and half the phone tries to fly away when I flip it open. Duct tape only gets me so far. Am I the last person on earth without a smartphone or touchscreen keyboard? I REFUSE TO CONFORM!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my birthdaypalooza

For my 29th birthday (oh my god, is that real?  that doesn't sound right.   I have to go check my birth certificate), my friends and the boy took a long weekend in the Outer Banks (which also happens to be Memorial Day weekend).  I've never been before, but I was expecting something similar to our many Long Beach Island trips.  Beachy town, bars, tasty food, cruiser bikes, walking everywhere.
It was a lot more of a laid back atmosphere than LBI and a lot less walking friendly.  We almost got hit MANY times walking along the road to the bars, before finally realizing we should be hugging the curb ditch a little closer.

Yay, we're here!  The hotel was right across the street from the beach, which was amazing fantastical balls of awesome. was FREE.  Is this a North Carolina thing?  I've never been to a beach that was free and also clean like this one.  The only difference really between this NC coast and NJ is that the beach was really short and the ground underneath the water's edge felt like gravel.  You didn't want to wade in the water too long because it felt like your toes were going to fall off from all of the rough ground.

Neil & Yesenia brought lacrosse sticks.  It's always good to play lacrosse in your hotel room.

Before we got to the beach we made all of these elaborate preparations to build giant award-worthy sand castles, and then mostly just decided to bury Yesenia in the sand.  Actually...I think this was her idea in the first place.

Smile!  You're covered in sand!

The night that we walked along the road, defying death, in search of bars, we ended up at a place called Port O' Call.  It was really strange.  There were animal heads on the walls and old paintings and velvety Victorian couches.  It was a pretty unique (and slightly scary) atmosphere.  Overall, the reoccurring theme with the Outer Banks wherever we went....everything was laid back and low key.  This bar was mostly dead when we got there.  They even waived the cover charge because we had no cash on us (I'm assuming because no one was in there).  It was just so surprising to me because usually Memorial Day weekend is a time people go nuts and drink their faces off.  Apparently not in the Outer Banks.  Where was everyone?

Yesenia danced for me to keep us entertained.

We did get a decent amount of sun that weekend.  Which prompted a mid-day K-Mart naptime, while Neil searched for a book and Yesenia called out our names.  "we're over here mom!"...I kept yelling, but she didn't hear us.  Ok, ok, the sleepytime city was partly caused by sun and partly caused by lots of rum punch at the pool.

Customers kept walking buy and gawking at us like they'd never seen a person sit on the display chairs in a store before.  sheesh.  Okay maybe the blue hair didn't help the situation.

Our last day there, we went mini golfing.  And the best part?  I got a hole-in-one on the last shot!  What a great way to tie everything in a bow.

Actually, the thing that tied it in a bow for me was going to this awesome seafood buffet.  So many delicious things.  This is just plate 1 of 20.  (just kidding...or am I?)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's a caper?

My second favorite thing to do next to art is cooking.  The problem is...I have no one to experiment on.  Sure there's Lou.  But I really don't think he appreciates different foods the way I do.  He'd be happy eating spaghetti with jar sauce and ham & mayo sandwiches for the rest of his life.  He looks at new unidentifiable dishes with fear in his eyes, whereas I look at them with excitement.
Luckily (...I guess?), he's too lazy to make food himself, so whatever food whim I have, he's subject to eat it, or at least poke at it with his fork.

I don't remember how I came across this dish.  I think I was googling dinner ideas, or maybe capers.  Sometimes I can come across something interesting to cook if I just search for an ingredient I'm trying to use up.  Like the capers.  I made chicken piccata the other night with them.  But that's another delicious story.

I used to hate capers.  Or maybe I was just scared of their mystery.  The first time I ever tried them, it was when I was making a dish in college.  I had no idea what they were, but the recipe called for them.  They looked strange.  And they were salty, but with a weird flavor.  At the time, I didn't know if they were a nut, a seed, a sea creature...who knew.  The dish came out crappy and I swore off capers for a while after that.  Only recently, have I grown to like them a lot more.

Enter...Pork Medallions with Mustard-Caper Sauce.  Ooh, we's fancy tonight.

Here's how the picture on the website looked.  Fancy and sophisticated, yes?

Here's how mine looked.  Kind of like slop, yes?

Maybe because I forgot that parsley garnish.  But that's fine, because the flavor was awesome.  And the roasted potatoes I made to go with them soaked up all of that saucy goodness.  I licked my plate.  I'm not gonna lie.  Ok, well I did lick it hiding in the kitchen where Lou couldn't see me.  I'm not a savage.

The recipe was really easy to make and with a small amount of ingredients, which is great. If there's more than 10 ingredients, I'm not making that crap. Get out of here. I don't care how delicious the recipe might be. I have places to be. I have a life to live. I can't be measuring a bajillion separate ingredients. I think that's why I never make anything by Emeril Lagasse. It seems like every recipe I come across by him has 40 different components. Or fancy sounding ingredients that are just going to waste more of my clarified butter. Just get on with it alreadyyyyy. Stop showing off.

I found the recipe here, if you'd like to try it out for yourself.