Thursday, November 15, 2007

I need to focus.

I came home early from work today just so I could clean the whole apartment. For some reason I can't focus on my artwork when the apartment is in disarray. But now that I'm done and I'm kind of tired. I think I'm developing a bit of OCD thanks to my mom.

Yesterday I made some "chocolate" pins that I'll be listing soon. I was teetering between making pendents or pins. Personally I like pins more. You can put them anywhere. A pendent is only for a necklace or keychain. What's the fun of that? I can't decide if it's cliche to put a bite in them. This first batch is bite-free. Hm, we'll see.


Debi said...

Hey Jam,
I think that you should make Chocolate Ice cream things. and can you make clay things of me,momma,and Daddy like the nana one? I write Back.

Kelly V
( Your Butt Face Sister)

Debi said...

You ARE like me. I can't write unless the house is clean.