Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Creatures

As usual, I keep jumping from one interest to the next. What was it...a week and a half ago I was busily working on my candy necklace beads? Have I touched the clay since then? No. But shh..I have been busy making tons of other things and listing tons more in my two Etsy shops, so I don't feel as guilty. I started making a line of little figurines that are slightly different from the "bunny-esque" ones I talked about earlier that I made for my nana and pops. These ones are handpainted and look more like little girls made of dessert. I was thinking that I want to stick to food-related things but I still want to make other things 'besides' just food. Also, I was thinking I want to make sculptures that aren't as delicate. I can picture bunny ear catastrophes happening. But these dessert girls are a little more durable. Sadly, I dropped one I had finished and her icecream top broke off a bit. What's kind of funny is I had painted her with a sad face. Foreshadowing mebbe? I wanted to punch the floor for ruining her, but I knew it wouldn't solve anything. Stupid inanimate objects!!
I need to think of a good name for them now. Something sweet and Lil' Dumplins. Or Lil' Puddins? Puddin is what my great grandma called me and it would be nice to have a lil bit of meaning behind the name, I think. Or maybe something russian sounding, similar to matryoshka dolls. They sort've look like those anyways. Ah well, something will come to me.

Here's two of the six I have complete. They're about 1 1/2 inches tall.

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