Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I went to a temp agency today. Just another reason to be discouraged with my art. I'm a good artist goddammit. I just need to market myself better...or something. I need someone to tell me what to do. I can't live on hopes and dreams forever. So perhaps a temporary job can help keep me floating. I don't want to stay in Delaware forever after all.
I finished a few more Lil Dumplins. I'll probably photograph them all together soon. They look so cute all in a group. I think I might need a shot to show their size better also. The tallest one I've made is less than 2 inches, but you can't really tell from the photos.

My inspiration for this See the little mints on top of her head?


Aria Images by Melody said...

That is truly adorable. I think you are very talented. I like your work. :)

Grooveycrafts said...

Aww this is just so cute, I had to take a look in your shop and love the others like it :).

I hope your luck will open up and you can craft for fun... its something I wish I can do but have a full time job which is just like... get me out of here :).

keep dreaming as it will come true one day.

Debi said...

They are too cute Jamie. You are really honing your style.