Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm starting to freak, a bit.

This upcoming week is my last week at the temp job I've been at for the last three months. I'm really sad to be leaving, but they don't really need me after the holidays. I'm really thankful for having experienced it though. I didn't even know what a typesetter was, or that it was even a job before this. But it's great to have that for my resume. It's very discouraging trying to find a job in my field when I have next to no experience aside from my Etsy shop and personal artwork and every job I see requires 3 to 5 years experience. Bite me.

So for that, I'm trying to push myself to build my portfolio.

Say hello to "Ice Cream Woes". The title is a work in progress. But I'm really happy with the way it came out...including the colors. Which is rare for me. Next in line is most likely my "Chocolate Love" piece. I think it might be perfect for Valentine's Day. We'll see....


facingthetrend said...

This is really adorable! I would feel the same way if my ice cream fell to the ground. :)

Debi said...

She is so cute! Looks like the yarn girls!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is butt head.
I think She looks like me. I also would feel the same way if that happened to me.


Daz Cox said...