Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busy bsuy busby bysuu

I FINALLY (phew..) finished listing a crap load of destash supplies in my supply shop.Magic Bead Buyer It's all totally cheap. I really just want to get rid of it and make room for more things that I'm currently using. I feel bad for the beads, they look sad and unloved.

I also finished my candy necklace! Let's see now, how long has it taken me? I actually ended up making three of them. And it's listed in my main shop currently..Candy Necklace

Well back to work. I scheduled myself three seconds of breather time to show some blog love.


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Debi said...

Aw, feeling sorry for the beads. You're like that guy on the commercial who is out in the rain by the curb crying over the broken lamp, lol.