Sunday, October 12, 2008

a tarnished weekend

I had big plans for the weekend. big. HUGE. Okay, not that huge. But some other important family drama went down and I lost a whole day. That may not sound like much, but when you put off your work all week with the plan to get things in order come the weekend, it can really throw things off. I should probably stop putting things off, and just do them when I have the chance, because you just never know what is right around the corner.

I'm still trying to come up with a new background for my Plinis. I have more to list, but I've been putting it off until I can find a background to settle on. I'm still a fan of the recipe page. But overall I'm just really undecided. I have to play around with the angles.

My mom suggested a ball jar for a vintage retro feel. I really like the idea. I'm just not sure now if it's too distracting. Maybe minus the lacy doily. Or if I could find/think of another vintage-y item that would be nice.

This last photo I was kind of just joking. I used a ceramic bird candle holder I have. It looks like he's spying on my Plini. But I think it would make for a confusing photo to use. Is it just the Plini for sale? Is that weird bird included? I don't want to cause any confusion in what is actually for sale...if that makes sense.

Or maybe I'll just stick with an all polka dot background. No props. Hmm..that's a thought.

Also, while searching the apartment for props I found this vintage metal server my mom gave me. It was so tarnished it was almost entirely black. I cleaned it up using some tarnish remover cloths thinking I could use it in my Plini photos. But it looked weird. My hands got really dirty though!


Anonymous said...

Aah, black hands from the deep lagoon! Reminds me of cleaning my nan's silverware once a month.

It's been good to see you talking about backgrounds for your photos. Having a nice background really makes a difference, and having a consistent background is a good way to help your branding get out there. I think the one with the jar is a little distracting, but the bird one is cute! It looks like it's contemplating eating the Plini! (But I agree, it could be a bit confusing). My favourites so far are the book page but I think even more than that is the polka dots - you could change the colour to suit the Plini, but keep the polka dot theme.

Two Cheese Please

Tizzalicious said...

I think you should go for just the polkadots, it looks cute and gives your Plini's all the attention they deserve!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Thanks guys! I have been swaying more towards the polka dots the more I think about it. Plus, polka dots rock.

Rosebud Collection said...

You know, the first picture looks really cute..
No fun polishing silver..

Katie Lyons said...

I think you should do a photo like the first one, but with a blank piece of white paper instead. That might look good :)

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I LIKE the Ball jar with the doily and the pink polka dots. But what's in that jar? I think that's what's distracting. Something red and brown and something with white legs? Try it with an empty jar and nothing behind it. My second choice is just the polka dots and change the colors according to the Plini.