Sunday, January 25, 2009

speedy fingers.

I found this typing test on Lemon Shortbread's blog. It was interesting to see where I stand. I tried it twice and got 73 both times. I'm sure my mom can blow my score out of the water. haha.

73 words



Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Well, I had a hard time beating you! I only got 72 the first time, then 67 (that's because Kelly was hovering and I kept getting afraid she was going to talk to me) and I was like no way, I'm not letting Jamie beat me! So I was like Norton on the Honeymooners, pushing up my sleeves, throwing up my hands, getting ready....then I got 77! Did you get any wrong? I didn't get any wrong any of the times! That was fun! Kurt and Kelly were doing it too. Kelly got 20 and Kurt got 25!

Dennise said...

That's pretty good. I didn't realize I was so slow, I typed 49 wpm. Boo. :)