Saturday, January 24, 2009

spider murder.

I was just catching up on my mom's blog posts and it reminded me about the monster Lou and I encountered yesterday on our way to work. We opened the door to leave and right at the frame of the door was a spider. Ok, this was not just any spider. This was the size of half my hand. It was a MONSTER. And it was trying to get in!! I was afraid it was going to eat the cats. Lou did the manly thing and stepped on it. I can still hear the c-r-u-n-c-h-h-h sound replaying over and over in my head. And the horrible vision of its half-crushed body spasing out, slowly dying. We slammed the door and ran for work. Lou couldn't bear to step on it again, as the one time traumatized him enough. I felt bad. But I tried to convince myself it would have eaten the cats if we hadn't lethally injured it.
Then when we got home later that day, we were expecting to find the body. But there was nothing. No signs of a struggle. Nothing at all. So Lou and I are convinced the spider crawled back to his spider friends and with his dying breath he told all the spiders how we tried to murder him. Now I envision that all of the other spiders are assembling for a surprise super secret ninja attack on us.
Seriously though...this was like tarantula sized.
And the reason I thought of this when I was reading my mom's blog was because knowing her she would have tried to save it. "Spiders are our friends, they eat the other bugs". That's what she would have said. Yes, but with this particular spider, it was either him or us. He surely eats cats..or humans. I wasn't about to wait and see.
Either way...the spiders are forming an alliance against Lou and I as I speak. Maybe they'll go easy on me since I didn't do the actual stomping.

Anyways...other than spider extermination, I've been rather busy! I started early with preparations for my Easter themed items for my shop. And I'm also finishing up a batch of teeny plinis and things. Hopefully I can pull myself together and get those listed by the end of this weekend.

Oh! And I almost forgot...I made a really tasty soup the other day. Lou thinks I'm the MacGyver of cooks. I think it might scare him sometimes. Somehow I make something out of nothing. We'll literally have a piece of lettuce and a pack of ramen noodles in the apartment and suddenly there's a Thanksgiving meal on the table.
So we had a pile of leftover bacon cheese fries from the pizza place we ordered from a few nights ago. I cut them up into cubes and dumped them in the blender with some milk and blended it until it was nice and chunky. Then I put that concoction with some water, corn, lots of butter and spices in a pot and cooked it until it was hot and I liked the consistency. I added more milk if it got too thick. Instant "french fry" soup! Lou didn't like it...but then again he doesn't like anything that's kind of weird.
It was nice not having the fries go to waste. Because otherwise they would have just gotten thrown out. Money and food wasted is never good.



Lemon Shortbread said...

Who knows if the spider might be venomous, I would've exterminated it and made sure its body was right where I left it! French fry soup does sound wierd but french fries are delicious so the soup should taste pretty ok =)

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Kelly and Kurt said they're with Lou about the fries. And I have to admit, I think I'm with them too! But seriously, that's an awesome talent--being the MacGyver of leftover food! Maybe you should write a book about it. Take a picture of all your creations. In this economy, people really need to find ways to tighten their belt.

And you're right, that's exactly what I would have said--spiders are good; they eat the other bugs, lol. It's funny you wrote about a bug because I'm in the middle of writing another story about bugs for my blog and I mention how you city folk think you have it bad, bug-wise.

Cute Plini.

Kelly said she's waiting for you to play Animal Crossing and call her, lol.

Motley said...

There is no way I am eating fry soup! I would be mor likly to eat it if maybe you threw the fries in a frypan, added some green peppers and onions, maybe some eggs? like kind of an omlet or hash browns concoction.

Spiders are great, as long as they stay out of my way. Otherwise, they get whats comming to em!

Jamie Ferraioli said... scary as it sounds, the "french fry soup" is really just potato soup if you think about it.

A hashbrown concoction would have been really tasty! If only I had the eggs, peppers, or onion on hand.