Sunday, February 22, 2009

coOoOoOokie crisp.

I've come to realize that I only eat cereal as a dessert. Which makes perfect sense since I'd rather eat a bowl of chef boyardee raviolis for breakfast than pancakes with sausage on the side (*barf). My food timing is off I suppose. And I'm guessing it's all my mom's fault since she'd reguarly feed us pancakes for dinner when I was in highschool...trying to pawn it off as something exciting. Which maybe it was for everyone else, but I was never really a pancake person.

Much to my delight today, Lou bought cereal! And it was the perfect finisher to our chili dinner. (which I neglected to take a picture of when I should have because Lou was the one that actually made it! ...always good to document these momentous occassions).

Cookie Crisp is in my top five favorite cereals, I'm pretty sure. The list changes every now and then. Kix and Lucky Charms are always up there too, with Fruity Pebbles popping in and out.

Once when I was little and my grandma was babysitting me, she gave me a plate with fruity pebbles on it as a snack. I remember thinking "who puts cereal on a plate??". I must have been only 7 or so. It was a pain to balance on my lap as I watched cartoons. It's such a strange fruity pebbles memory.

I think Spike likes Cookie Crisp too. That..and french fries, spaghetti, and any other thing he can get his paws on.


Leto said...
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Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I'm making pancakes tomorrow. For supper. Don't blame me for your backyard eating habits. I could have fed you something like liver. You are really quite lucky...

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I meant your backwards eating habits.

We're having pancakes again for supper tonight. With blueberries in them. Quite yummy.