Sunday, January 31, 2010

boo Sunday

There's something about Sundays that will forever make me feel like I have school tomorrow and didn't finish my book report. I guess work has the same effect... Minus the book report.

Good news! I finished two custom orders and am thisclose to finishing another. I love productive weekends! It's so hard to keep myself motivated. Even though it's the best days for me to work, I always find myself wanting to slack off and play video games all day. It's the weekend, gosh darnit! Luckily my "work" is fun, so I think that's what keeps me at it.

I also found time to make some spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken! It came out pretty good. Except...lesson for next time...don't use "maple" bacon. The apartment smells reeks like breakfast, and my dinner kind of tasted like breakfast too. I forgot that "maple" and "hickory" aren't one in the same when it comes to bacon. my bad. I wasn't thinking.

I basically followed this recipe. Next time I'd like to flatten my chicken a little thinner. It wasn't until I wanted to make this, that I realized that I don't own a mallet. So I'm banging on the chicken with a frying pan. (it was the only flat heavy thing I could find!) It's making the loudest sound imaginable. Glasses are jingling. The coffee maker is shimmying down the counter. Upstairs neighbors are banging on the floor. It served it's purpose though!
I have a ton of ricotta left over now though. I'd like to think of something tasty to make with it. All I've ever used ricotta for is lasagna, but I'd like to think of something different. OH..cannolis? Yeah, those won't be exhausing and difficult to make.

Last night I snapped a few pictures of Ein "helping" me edit photos. She's so cute. A total beotch, but she loves to cuddle.

And today Lou and I stopped in the Christmas Tree Shop and oh my gosh I forgot how much cute and cheap dish and glassware they have! I found so many cute things that I thought would look great as displays for my Plinis at craft shows and whatnot. Like this freakin adorable polka dot plate. Two dollars. Are you kidding me?? I also picked up THE most awesome cake stand for four dollars! I've decided that I'm not allowed in there unsupervised because only bad money blowing things can come about when I'm left to roam.


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Ooh, how do you make cannolis? What about baked ziti?

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend--making your art, cooking, cuddling with Ein. You are something Jam.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

I don't know how to make cannolis. But they're so delicious...they must be involved. haha. Baked ziti might be a good idea! I actually have an over abundance of ziti pasta. For some reason the past like four times I went food shopping, I kept picking up a box or two, forgetting I already had some.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

The filling for the cannolis is probably easy but that roll thing they are in is probably hard to make and impossible to find down here. Bet you can find empty ones easy.

Baked ziti is real easy to make. Just thaw out that frozen sauce I told you to keep in your frig, mix it in with the cooked ziti pasta, the ricotta and mozzerella and bake. Bake till oozey and bubbly like you like so much, lol.