Saturday, January 23, 2010

wedding season

Wedding season is approaching! So I've been busily filling custom wedding topper orders and also making some basic sets for the shop. My craft area is a complete mess since I'm working on everything at once. Kind of assembly line style. I think I waste the least amount of paint that way. I'm trying to decide what the best accent color for my basic wedding sets would be to use, that would appeal to the most amount of people. Is there a most popular color? I'm thinking blue, red, and then just a black and white set. At least to start. Or maybe green? Coral? Burgundy? Sunflower?? Ok...enough of that.

I listed a WHOLE bunch of things a few days ago as well. Lots of kitty things. Pocket kitties galore and a handful of "lucky" golden kittehs. I'm hoping to get more of a color assortment with the pocket kitties soon. Just have to find the time!

Recently I finished up an "Easter" custom order and three of the Plinis in the group I made with little decorated eggs on top of their heads. I can't get over how cute they turned out! I'm excited to make more of these lil ones. Along with more "Peeps" and bunny Plinis too.

And finally, the other day I found the cutest wooden "house" at Michael's that I thought would be the perfect tiny display for my Plinis! I later saw on the label that it's actually a CD holder. But it's going to be even cuter when I paint it up like a dollhouse and use it for my figurines!
This photo really shows just how crazy cluttered my craft table is at the moment too! I can assure you that the whole table looks like this...

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You're too much Jam. That house is going to look fantabulous! I am picturing polka dots. And I love those Easter Plinis. Everyone needs a set of three like that!