Saturday, April 24, 2010

a quick DIY butterfly wreath

In honor of Spring and my nana's love for butterflies (she passed away on Monday..), I made a quick butterfly wreath for my front door.
I took a medium-sized grapevine wreath and attached feather butterflies with hot glue all around. I love hot glue! It makes everything easier. My total cost was $9 ($5 for the pack of butterflies and $3 for the wreath) and the project only took me about a half hour at most to finish.
I bought all of my supplies at Michael's craft store. They have a lot of butterflies in all different colors and styles to choose from too! It was really hard deciding on a color theme. I considered making multiple wreaths in different colors. Do I sense a new gift idea possibility??? Mother's Day is just around the corner after all!

p.s. don't you just love how my pukey olive green apartment door matches my wreath? It was meant to be!