Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dress Finds

Are dresses with pockets still in? Because I totally love them. Many a time will I be swayed to purchase a dress on pockets alone. I think that's what I find most annoying about wearing dresses. When I don't have somewhere to stash my random pocket change, a toothpick, or that strange button I found on the ground, I get frustrated. All of my jeans have pockets....why can't all of my dresses and skirts have pockets??

For some reason, this dress inspires me to sew pockets on all of my dresses. I don't know...the picture makes it look so simple. Also, maybe because it's sold out and inaccessible on ModCloth

Lavender Pocket Dress

If only I was a Blythe doll...I could have the cutest pocket dresses.

merwing little dear

Cutest heart-shaped pockets with white trim.


Love this photo, as well as the pockets!

I'm absolutely in love with this color. And polka dots, and a bow, and strapless?? mm....loverly.


There's pockets somewhere in this adorable dress. I really have a weakness for anything polka dot.


Aire said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! We appreciate the support! I think I found the pockets :) They are in the front, lined with that black fabric.

Aire @ModCloth

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Oh you're right! How did I miss that before? :D

Megan said...

I loooove dresses and skirts with pockets! I hope they never go back out because I'll be one out of style girl if they do.

fee said...

arghh I know, why don't ALL dresses have pockets!
They make them extra cute and functional :)

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

That's you.

The Blythe doll! So cute!