Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dress Hunt

I've been on a hunt for a cute dress to wear to a friend's upcoming wedding in September. I recently found what I thought would be THE dress. The pictures online looked adorable and the price was right up my alley. Super cheap at $45!

I've noticed at many of the weddings I attend, most people are wearing dark colors, lots of black. To me, it looks like a funeral! Aren't weddings supposed to be about celebration? I understand not wanting to upstage the bride, but really, can anyone upstage the bride when she's the one in the giant bright white GOWN?

So anyways, my dress arrived and I put it on and WOW...is it ever poofy. And froufy. And...I'm wondering if it verges on FLASHY. I'm a little self-conscious now. I've had two votes saying it's not too flashy, but I don't know. Maybe I need three votes? Four? Not sure how many I need yet until I'm fine with wearing it to the wedding.

The dress is Hell Bunny brand, which I've come to learn, makes the CUTEST dresses I've ever seen. And unfortunately, it's hard to tell from the picture, but there's a bright pink tulle petticoat underneath the dress. (which is where the super-poof is coming from). I feel like a ballerina when I twirl!

Shoes shall be my next adventure.

P.S. How cute are my white-rimmed glasses? $9.95 from Zenni Optical!


Tizzalicious said...

I loooooooooove it! Not too flashy, it's perfect (and I want it!)

Jamie Ferraioli said...

yay...that's three votes! I feel better now!

Xealous said...

It's AWESOME! I love hell bunny dresses - sadly they don't do my size - but you look fab. I say definitly wear it for the wedding!