Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goodwill finds

Last week I stopped into a Goodwill store. There's actually a few in the general radius of my area, but for some reason I always forget take a peek. And boy am I glad I did!
I found the most amazing dish set in a super cool aqua color. It kind of reminds me of fiestaware. I was going to take a picture of it, but I already put it away in the cabinets, and there's so many dishes, and they're heavy....and I'm lazy. Oh whatever. Lou, of course, was full of positivity when I showed him my fantastic find....telling me the color makes him nauseous. Apparently in high school art class, his teacher had them work with an aqua colored glaze for pottery that looked just like the dishes I bought. He said the smell made him nauseous. Wonderful.

Another one of my amazing finds....some sort of shadowbox that is absolutely perfect for displaying my figurines!

I've been tirelessly searching online for a display for them and focused in on typeset print drawers. They're giant vintage drawers that were once used to hold the letters that were used in old time printing presses. There's lots of little sections and I think they'd be great for figurine displays. Unfortunately, they're all $30 and up in price. While $30 isn't very expensive, I've yet to find a decent shipping price.
Anywhoo...this shadow box only cost me TWO DOLLARS and is exactly what I was looking for!

Also got a great "vintage" looking frame for a dollar that I'm going to spray paint some bright awesome color like pink or neon green.
An artist easel for a dollar, and a belt for $2.
All in all, I left Goodwill feeling like I robbed the place. Looking forward to stopping at another one tomorrow. It's payday after all......I might come home owning the whole store!

And just for funsies....darn, I wish these weren't blurry. Spike just loves to get scratches when I'm busy taking pictures.


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Goodwill is where it's at.

You know Jam, you're not only a great artist, but you're a pretty good writer too! Your writing is always entertaining and you always make me chuckle. Plus your cute personality comes through.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

hehe, I take after my mother