Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was pleasantly surprised when I came home today to find a rather large package waiting for me. I bugged out for a second though, worrying I was ordering craft supplies in my sleep or something. But that's when I remembered about a giveaway over on Sweetopia.net that I had won! And let me preface this by saying I never win anything!! I'm pretty sure the last thing I randomly won was a dozen bagels in a school raffle in 6th grade. Ok, ok, side story....so I won these bagels at a school dance raffle. They gave me the voucher and I rode my bike up to the bagel shop to redeem my bagels. They shoved 12 whole bagels in a paper bag and sent me on my way. When I got outside, that's when I realized I had an overflowing paper bag of bagels that I now somehow had to balance in one hand while riding my bike. I guess because I was so shy, I didn't go back in and ask for a plastic bag like a normal human being would. So I did my best to wobbly ride my bike home and balance bagels. Of course, the bag ripped halfway home and I lost about half of the goods. And that's the story of my free bagels. I think about that incident all the time and ask myself over and over again....why oh why didn't I just ask for another bag?? I'm so dumb.

Anyways...back to the exciting things! I won the most amazingly awesome and super cute lip gloss sets. I don't even want to use them, they're so adorable. And they smell so good too. A big thanks to Sweetopia for her super giveaway!!


Marian said...

Your art is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! And HOW do you take such good photos?! If you're ever extremely bored and have nothing better to do (I can see by your art that's not going to happen!), I would really love if you would email me what camera settings you used to get those awesome pics.
Glad you like the glosses!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Aw thank you! I'm alwayssss struggling with my photos. But the two things I make sure to do when taking pictures is 1. I use the macro setting on my camera, and 2. I use the Levels setting in photoshop to edit my photos. It's the best way to get the background super white, while keeping the contrast in the rest of the picture!
Oh, and having a lightbox is key! I just have a homemade one. You can google tutorials on how to make them.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Aw, I didn't know that about the bagels! Poor baby! We all start out shy in this family. We all have stories to tell like that one.

Those lip glosses are really neat! Lucky you.