Wednesday, October 12, 2011

things to save

My parents brought over more of my boxes that they've had saved of mine throughout the years. Toys, school papers, notes from high school, my cat statue collection. My mom is infamous for documenting all of the "cute things" I've said (and my sister) as a kid. I hope when I have children, I remember to do that, because it's hilarious to look back at least for me. When I giggle uncontrollably and tell Lou "wait have to hear this thing I said when I was 5, I can tell it's not as funny to him, but he smiles. At least he's humoring me.

When my sister Kelly was born 15 years ago, I bought this Kelly doll (I think she was 3 or so, when I actually bought it). It's still sealed in the box after all of these years, a little squished, but alright. It's funny because I still think of her this age. It's hard to imagine she's almost driving and having boyfriends.
I was super excited to find these watercolor pages of Rainbow Brite. She was my favorite. According to the notes my mom wrote on them, I was 3 and a half. Look at those painting skills! Ok maybe it's just cheating. How cool were those water coloring books? Just add water. Do they still make them??
I'm not sure when this troll doll is from. I'm assuming whenever that Troll doll boom happened in the 90's. I wish I still had all of my trolls with the jewels in their bellies! Those were fun. And kind of creepy. Strange naked figurines with old man faces and crazy hair.

My mom wrote down a conversation she had with me when I was four...

mom - "what does a mother do?"
me - "she draws pictures, reads newspapers, watches tv when the kids are asleep, takes a walk to the park and reads magazines.
mom - "what do dads do?"
me - "go to work, put kids to bed and give kids dinner."
mom - "what do nanas do?"
me - "oh, they clean up."
mom - "what do aunts do?"
me - "watch kids"

And a scrap of paper my mom found in my room when I was 12...

"Misson: Spy on parental units

1. They are in kitchen"

I don't know...I thought those were hilarious. Lou thinks I'm even more nuts now!

Personally...I think he's just jealous that he wasn't as cute and sassy of a kid as I was. be continued  (I have lots more!)


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Omg Jamie, that stuff is so funny! I'm laughing outloud! I didn't remember all that. What a wonderful peek into the past. I better not slack off on that stuff with Kelly. It's precious! And your watercolors, even though they were pre-done, so to speak, were amazing for three years old! No wonder you became an artist.

Jamie "Green" Ferraioli said...

lol...Lou was not impressed with my 3-yr old art skills. I was all "but look Lou! look how I colored in the lines there!" and he's all "uh huh....."

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Awww, I know just how your mom feels. I do the same now for my kids but they are not old enough yet to pass it all on to. I can't understand why Lou is not more impressed by your art work. It's great!

Jamie "Green" Ferraioli said...

If it's not video game related, it doesn't seem to hold his interest. lol