Monday, February 27, 2012

catching up.

So many things have happened since I last posted. I think it all spiraled out of control when Christmas hit. It was like blog vacation. I'm going to attempt to chronologically talk about everyyyything day by day.

First off...the craft fair I was in right before Christmas! The Rock & Shop Market. There were three different buildings to walk through jam-packed with crafty vendors, bands playing, tons of delicious food trucks parked outside and even a fashion show. I almost almost wished I hadn't participated in the show because there was just so much going on, that I didn't get to see everything! They even had a photobooth!

Aw there's my homeless boyfriend checking out the goody bags they gave out to everyone. Okay, he's not homeless...just rocking the winter beard. (and also a good sport for coming to help out and keep me company!)
I was also excited to be set up next to Marisol Spoon who I know from Etsy. I love her work! I had no idea that her & her husband make their own detailed frames. They're gorgeous.

I'm looking forward to doing more craft fairs soon. Especially as the weather gets warmer!

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