Monday, November 26, 2007

A day late, but that's ok.

I must admit I give myself more guilt in not finishing something knowing I documented when I planned on finishing said thing. I finished the painting I said I was going to finish.....yesterday. That's pretty damn good for me. Plus I'm almost done with the cupcake painting I mentioned before. I just have to add some background goodness.

So anyways, I was thinking of naming this painting after my friend Ashley because she's all Miss Snowboarder. Not that this character has anything to do with snowboarding, but she is in snow...and that's the first step.

And also, to document another project and give myself grief in not finishing I'm going to be whipping up a big batch of candy necklaces. They seem to be selling well, and with Christmas time approaching at warp speed, it'd probably be best to list some of my favorite items while I can. I don't plan on listing these paintings in my Etsy shop until after the holidays anyways.

Click that to see what the candy necklace looks like -- Candy Necklace


Debi said...

Wow, wow, wow! That is beautiful Jam! You have to get people to see your work! Is is soooo good. What a great style you have. Is that a painting?

Motley said...

Jamie the painting is AWESOME! You are AWESOME! And that candy necklace is Sooo AWESOME! THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! We need to market these bigtime! Call me and lets figure out how!