Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's over!

Christmas, that is. Thank god it's over because I'm super tired. But I got the most amazing gifts. First off I got a 3 in 1 printer/scanner/copier which I'm so relieved to say will be wonderful for printing out my paypal shipping labels. I'd like to go to the post office as little as possible. It's a Lexmark brand, which I've heard isn't that great. But I'm not using it for high end stuff, so I should be fine. I haven't tried out the scanner yet, but I really hope it's decent because that brings into play my other gift. $600 in cold hard cash! I'm going to put it towards an Epson art printer so I can make prints of my artwork. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the scanner attached to this Lexmark printer is capable of making decent scans of artwork.
Now I just have to jump on creating some more art!
Besides that stuff, I also got a mountain of beads (seriously, I'm not even joking), clay (also in mountain size), a pair of shoes (that don't fit as well as I'd hoped, I'll have to look into that), videogames, and a huge pots and pans set. Cool right? I was literally JUST talking with Lou about how I wish I had a nice new set of pots and pans and then my uncle goes and buys me some. He must be spying on me. But wait...that's not all...I also got a 26" flatscreen tv! I was a good girl this year, obviously.
And now it's time for some relaxation with the game Eternal Sonata that Lou was so kind as to aquire for me...on my spiffy new television.

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Debi said...

You deserve all that Jam!

We can always exchange the shoes. Don't keep them if they don't fit.