Friday, January 4, 2008

Sometimes I draw things.

For some reason when my mom loaded a picture I drew and digitally colored for the stories she writes, it came out with strange inverted colors when she loaded it on her blog. I'm not a genious with rgb/cmyk colors, but I was pretty sure I colored it correctly for her blog. I loaded another picture of mine on my here blog to be sure I'm not a moron and the colors appear to look pretty spiffy to me. Hm...I don't know what happened.

On another note, this here drawing...I've titled it "Amibtious Knitter". I'm getting a little overwhelmed with the coloring though, in terms of background versus ball of yarn color. There's so many varieties I can make, that they're all starting to blur together and I'm not sure what looks good anymore. Also, I seem to have a problem where the only color I gravitate towards is green (for obvious reasons..) and I realize that I have to try to remember that not everyone has an obsession with the color green like I do. But then once I realize that, I'm lost. Pink and blue are nice colors also. (because they go nicely with green..)

God, and don't get me started with the girl's hair color, let alone her dress.

It's amazing how one entirely simple drawing can turn into so many questions that plague my mind.

So anyways, let me know if this drawing looks weird to you and your computer screen.


Debi said...

They are adorable! So cute! The dresses are brown though--is that the color you wanted? All the other colors look great. I'm not big on the brown although I probably wouldn't have even noticed it except you were talking about color. What did you make them with? Pencil?

I'm sure that I did something wrong with the Greener Pastures picture you did for me for my stories. I'm sure it wasn't you!

Anonymous said...

the brown dress is weird. it should be like Stripes(dif. colors 4 each stripe) a light color maybe.

LUV, Sis