Friday, February 8, 2008


I must say, I was feeling a little down about my art today while browsing the internet for any kind of art related job I might be passed off as qualified for in some sense. On top of literally being turned down in under three hours after submitting my portfolio for consideration on Trunkt online. I should've known anyways, they have "mature" and "sophisticated" jewelry and art. I didn't really expect to be admitted, but I also didn't think they'd be so speedy about my turn down. Nevertheless, today I've been scanning in my artwork and really trying to focus on what I want to create/do. I think I get hung up on thinking of what other people want to see. There's a painting of a cupcake I finished a few days ago sitting next to me, and I can't help thinking "god, who would want this kiddy kitsch in their home?" But I think I just need to run with what makes me happy. I really think that's the key to being successful (in a broad sense I guess). If I'm not happy with what I'm painting, for example, how am I going to be happy with it in the end? When will I consider it done, if I never really cared for it in the beginning? Not everyone likes cutesy, but everyone likes something. And I'm someone. I need to stop making myself feel bad because I don't think my cupcakes live up to the next person's landscape of a white sand beach.

Aside from my dilemmas, I was notified of a very exciting thing. I was featured on the website Cuteable! Cutable is a great website/blog guessed it...cute things. It's a great source for all the things I love to look at.

You can check out the feature here: Cuteable Feature

It's motivating to know that my creations and art DO have a place. And there's nothing wrong with cute.

Happy Friday!


Debi said...

That's your style Jam and there's nothing wrong with it. You are cute and your artwork is cute. What do you mean you can't picture it hanging in someone's house? What did I have hanging in my yellow and green kitchen a few years ago? The cartoon self-portrait you did. Very cute. I wish I had the wall space for it in this kitchen but it's in Kelly's room even though it doesn't match because it is just adorable and I can't bare to put it away. But I know what you mean. I write cute stories. They are not great literature. But people love to read them and that's what counts.

Your style is really evolving and there's nothing better than art that makes someone smile.

Okay. Think about Andy Warhol's art. What would have happened if he was worrying no one would hang up a picture of a Campbell's soup can? He's not like Rembrandt but his work is just as important.

Speaking of my writing--we have to figure out how to get the colors on the artwork to come out right.

MGoodell said...

I totally love your items! Those little people are the cutest.

I get that way sometimes, I have to be careful that I continue doing my work for me and not just for others so that they will buy it....its a hard line.

Be encouraged! Your things are soooo cute!