Friday, March 28, 2008

snack second inanimate love

I haven't been crafting lately. As can been seen from my random posts about toilet seats and bobbleheads. With Easter this past weekend and my new "8 to 5" job, I haven't had a lot of time or energy left to devote to craftyness. But must be do I have enough time to blog then? Tis what I do on my lunch break. It's an HOUR long. I've never in the history of forever had an hour lunch break from my job. It's a really strange thing. And I'm in love with it. In the same sense, I'd love to have no break and leave at 4, or come in at 9. But that's another story.

I may have no time to craft, but I always manage to find time to eat. It's interesting how these things occur. The other day I happened upon the most delicious of nuts, in..I'm going to say..the world. They're Blue Diamond almonds with wasabi & soy sauce seasoning. Imagine a medly of salty spicy tangy nuttyness. mmm. They were only $2.50 at Acme, which I find amazing because of the typical price of nuts. I can't seem to understand why the price of nuts is so high. Also, is it possible to grow nuts yourself? God forbid I want to make chocolate macadamia nut biscotti (which I did make yesterday actually..). A half a cup is the price of a hatchback (the standard model, of course). I've never heard of nut gardens, but I imagine it would be nice. Pecan pie for everybody! And who wants some oatmeal walnut cookies?

But back to my original thoughts. Seriously, these almonds, delish.

Hopefully by this weekend I'll have more time which will equal less posts about nuts.

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Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Jamie, you know, you are an EXCELLENT writer. You really are. You have a cute style, just like your art, and you're funny. I can't believe you write your blog posts during your hour-long lunch break. I wonder who you take after?

Now, about the nuts. There's no nut "gardens." They grow on trees. They probably call them groves. Like on Little House on the Prairie--Walnut Grove.

Anyway, in Oklahoma, we had pecan trees. In Ferrum, we had hundreds of black walnut trees. Try to get them out of their outer coverings though. They come in a big green ball hard as a rock and you didn't even get to the shell yet. We also had a chestnut tree there. Here we have hickory nut trees. You're a city girl so you wouldn't see these things. Now you know fruit comes on trees too right, not in fruit gardens? Except for berries. But that's a whole other story.