Wednesday, April 9, 2008


In case you haven't heard the fantabulous (my favorite word by the way..) I've reached 400 sales on etsy! In all cliche fashion.."I never thought this day would come!"

I also listed 10 brand new Lil Dumplins in my shop. Although, only seven are left now. That's a lot still. I'm really happy with the progression of the craftsmanship of the Lil Dumplins as well as my picture taking abilities of them. Looking back at the first few, they were great, but I think they're even greater now. I really try to make every aspect about the Lil Dumplins perfect. I want people to receive them in the mail and say "wow, this is even better than I'd expected! I need more of them!" I want every customer to be totally happy with their purchase.

Lou has been trying to network and spread the word of Lil Dumplins and my jewelry at his job. It's great. Networking and word of mouth are definately key, I think. One of his co-workers made an EXCELLENT suggestion for a set of themed Lil Dumplins and I'm so giddy at the thought of this idea I can't wait to start working on it. He told Lou jokingly "if this is a hit, I want 1%". hah! I say you got it dude. This idea is dumplin gold. Dying to know aren't you.

In other news...actually..not really other news at all, same subject different topic. I'm planning on re-naming the Lil Dumplins. I haven't decided on a name yet, as I'm still brainstorming and hoping the perfect title falls in my lap randomly. The reasoning behind the change is pretty simple actually. Do a google search of Lil Dumplins and everything from baby clothing, to dolls, to toys pops up. Basically I'd like my Lil Dumplins to have a name for themselves. Something totally different to have them stand out on their own. I'm thinking something that isn't even a real word. I've been considering holding a contest "name that Lil Dumplin"...but I'll see what I come up with on my own first.


Cicada Studio said...

Congrats on the sales- very impressive! And good luck finding a new name for your lil' gals... "dumplins" did seem appropriate.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

"It's Dumplin gold." You're too much Jam. You always have me laughing out loud.

What about something that rhymes with dumplin? Chumplins? Better hurry, the way things are selling! And I want to send an email out to all my friends and tell them to come look but I'm waiting till you decide on a name.

Anonymous said...

I seriously love these guys. I'm going to have to feature you in my Blog one of these fridays!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

very cool! and thanks for the compliment!