Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a bad Wednesday.

Amazing. I have a great day yesterday only to have an entirely opposite day today. Actually it was a relatively good day until I came home from work to discover my bike had been STOLEN right off my back porch! Mind you..I live in a crappy apartment complex (Lou's car was stolen right from the parking lot last Christmas..we live close to the bridge to NJ and to Chester, it, you'll see). Basically I saw it coming. I didn't even lock it up. Mainly because the bike has two flat tires, the pedals won't even turn because the chain is so old and the frame is so rusted you'd think it was painted burnt orange instead of blue and white. I kept meaning to buy a bike lock, but I mean c'mon..who would want a crappy bike that doesn't work? Well clearly someone did. Someone who lives here. No outside traffic or pedestrian would ever pass by my porch. I can't help feeling betrayed. I imagine it was some punk kids. And more than anything else I want to grab them and shake them and tell them to stop being little hooligans and to go do something useful with their time besides "practicing" for when they're older to steal cars like Lou's.
Last month I saw two kids pushing around a giant tire. Just rolling it through the parking lot for fun. Where they got it, I haven't a clue. But that just goes to show you these kids have nothing better to do. Looking back at that now, I bet there was some car in the parking lot with only three tires.
I'm not even mad or sad that the bike is gone because I haven't ridden it in over two years. But I'm more amazed at the balls these people have to walk right up to my porch and take the bike while it was leaning right underneath the kitchen window. I've been grilling the cats for any inside tips, but their lips are sealed.

But really...the bike had two flat tires! Who steals a bike with two flat tires????

On a positive note..there's a few more things listed in the
shop. A new Plini and some sale items. Super duper savings...get em while they're delicious!

I'm also in the process of painting some incredibly precious items. Plan is to have them done this weekend! Picture this...pie, hamsters and birds.


Tizzalicious said...

That sucks so much about your bike!

I love the new Plini!

Christine said...

I'm sorry you had a bad Wednesday - Here's hoping your Thrusday is WAY better!

ismoyo said...

Steal a bike with two flat tires? That's crazy. My mom had something like that happen to her car. It broke down and she called my father to pick her up. When they returned to get the car to the garage, it was stolen! Gone. They called the cops and it seemed the thiefs didn't get far with it. The car broke down a couple of blocks away! Haha. Good for them.
Hope the rest of the week will be better for you!

kim* said...

that just, saddens me. where are their mothers? prolly working... poor kids need someone to watch over them or be put in a special after school/summer program. ya i bet they had stolen it from the car! hahahha. thats bad. and what is worse if it was an adult...cute shop!heartin you

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

That's why you need to come down south to your mother in the country! That is terrible Jam! Was that that cool reproduction bike? When I saw it, it was beautiful. What the heck happened to it?

Okay. Remember when you were a little girl and I wouldn't rest until I found your stolen bike? That bike will pop up sooner or later. THINK of who would likely be walking by. What apartment would they likely be living in? You can figure out what area it's probably in and keep going by there looking for it just like I did with your first stolen bike. We got it back, didn't we?

I hope you reported it.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love these little figurines. Especially the husband and wife. Willy nilly, lol!!!