Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a good Tuesday.

I won! I never win anything, I'm thrilled! Unconventional Ida had a giveaway that I learned about through her blog and my name was randomly chosen and I won my choice of 4 of her ACEOs! I can't wait to receive them. She's also having a half off sale of her items to mark her one-year Etsy anniversary which is super cool..but it's only for today..and it's already 10:23pm..I'd hurry on over if I were you for some great deals!

Speaking of artwork..I've been working on some paper works myself. I can't seem to get away from girls and food. I should probably just give in and embrace it. I'm working on the color studies and then *hopefully* I can transform them into some ACEOs of my own! I'm a fan of the black background with pink accents. What do you think?

And in other news...the "children" are too cute for words. The older child doesn't like to play with the baby much, but at least they can tolerate eachother long enough to the point where they'll sleep next to one another! Aah..I can't stand the cuteness.


Sophie said...

the black & pink colour combo is beautiful, and the drawings are so cute :)

Patrizia said...

Congratulations on winning!

Also... your cats are too adorable! I can't stand it either!

katelynjane said...

Aw! The baby is so cute!!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I love the new art. I do like the black background. Don't you remember when you were young, you couldn't decide whether you wanted to be a chef or an artist?

My grandkids are precious.