Monday, July 20, 2009

vacation is over!

I’ve really been trying my best to blog more often. I guess the only bright side of this is my excuse for lack of steady blogging is I’m spending the majority of my time busily crafting. If I was sitting in front of the tv like a lump doing nothing, then I’d have reason to guilt myself to death. But I’m being productive, and that’s what matters! [right?] I will admit though that I was on vacation all of last week and there was definitely no crafting of any kind going on. Sun, sand and margaritas galore. Plus I finished a whole book in two days! [Towelhead. It was really good! But really intense] Sadly…now it’s back to reality.

I’ve still been investigating what the best sealant is for shrinky dink pieces. There’s tons of suggestions, but overall I can’t seem to find a source saying “yes..this absolutely always works 100%”. Actually, the most successful sealant I’ve read about still seems to be resin. But honestly…I can’t go and mix up a batch of resin just to seal maybe 5 pieces? It seems like overkill to me. Also, I just recently threw away a container of resin that I bought months ago in my “I want to try resin phase” that I hadn’t used yet. I hate buying stuff that I threw away the day before. This is why I’m a packrat. I might need it! I have to keep it! I’ve been trying to follow the “Have you used it in the past 2-3 months?” reasoning when it comes to getting rid of stuff. It’s usually a good method.

Sales have been slow this past month, which is understandable with the *gasp* economy (I hate that word. I’ve heard it so many times I want to hurl) and it being summer also. I’ve been brainstorming where I should spend more time promoting my Plini figurines. I’ve noticed that a good majority of my customers are doll house or Blythe/Pullip doll collectors. They use my figurines to decorate their houses or as an accessory for their collectible dolls. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to promote more where the doll house miniature and doll collectors get together. I’m having a hard time though. I’m not sure where to look, and when I do find a site that looks like a good place to check out, I get worried that I might come off spammy. Which is what I definitely do not want to do.

Hopefully today or tomorrow (or Wednesday…I don’t know) I can get around to listing the handful of ACEOs I made not too long ago. They’re all ready to go. I just have to muster up the energy to list each one. I really wish Etsy would come up with a batch listing option. I know that might just encourage more resellers, but I also think it would be a valuable addition for the real sellers. Why leave us all high and dry because Etsy as a site can’t monitor their user’s content enough? How about give us batch listing and hire more flagging staff?

That’s enough whining for one day I think.

Oh! And I also have a handful of summery Plinis and two or so kittehs to list also. That won’t be for a little while though since I still have to finish taking all of the photos. But I can’t wait to list them. They’re really cute!

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Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

My goodness, you're a blogging fool this month! I guess you're catching up after all that time you were quiet.

Lou is just as kooky as you are, lol.

Cool cat.