Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays are for stuffing my face

One of my favorite things to do is use the ingredient search function at to use up the random stuff in the kitchen. I happened to have a stray jalapeno, half a container of cream cheese, a plain bagel and some mexican blend shredded cheese. Even though I didn't really follow any of the recipes I came across on allrecipes, I did get some inspiration.

I toasted the two bagel halves in the oven (because Lou set fire to our toaster oven when he unsuccessfully tried to toast some bread, ugh...boys). Then I layered a generous helping of cream cheese, diced jalapeno and a mountain of the shredded cheese on top. Might I recommend NOT scratching your nose after chopping the jalapeno. You'd think I'd learn to remember that by now. But instead, my entire nose is on FIRE. Anyways, I left it in a 350 degree oven until the cheese got nice and melty on top. And wow, it tasted just like a jalapeno popper, except it was easier to eat! Am I the only one that takes one bite of the popper and the whole jalapeno slides out and burns my bottom lip? Or I take a bite and all of the cheese squirts out the back and burns my hand? Yeah, those little poppers are live hand grenades if I've ever seen it.

They might not look award winning, but trust me, freakin delicious.

Aside from food experimentations, I managed to finish up most of my craft show table display. Everything is tagged, bagged, mostly packed, organized, printed, blah blah blah, etc etc. I just have a few loose ends to tie up, a few more supplies I need to buy, and everything will be ready to go! I can't believe it's only a week away. Will I be ready???? I hope I don't forget anything.

Spike was more than willing to help with the table cover fitting, which I think came out pretty good! Folding it was a nightmare though. I hope it stays wrinkle free in time for the show! I hate wrinkly tablecloths.


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You must go to my fellow blog buddy's blog Sweetflutterbys3. The link is on the left of my blog. She writes about food all the time like you do. Scroll down--she's got a good recipe on there right now for chocolate pecan pie.

Anyway, the problem with the poppers is you love them so much you don't wait till they cool down! But the bagel concoction works too...

I was hoping to see some of your display!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

I'll go check it out now.
And can clearly see part of the tablecloth of my craft display in that second picture. What..that's not enough? I'll have more soon!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Yum! I love the poppers you made. Very creative, and tasty, use of random ingredients on hand :) I've gotta try them.

Great blog!