Tuesday, March 30, 2010

boyfriend proofing my craft table

This is a little old [2 weeks or so!], but I still wanted to write about it. I take forever to upload my photos.

I really need to boyfriend-proof my craft table. I mean I guess it's partially my own fault for leaving one of my containers of figurines so close to the edge of the table. Lou and is oaf-like monster hands swinging wildly while he walks, managed to knock my box onto the floor, flinging it open, causing all of the figurines to tumble all over the place. Part of his clumsiness was most likely due to the 4 or so beers he'd already had by this time. All but two, survived the fall. I'm very sad.
Sure, I could glue their parts back on, but I just wouldn't be happy with selling something that was broken and I fixed. I'll still fix these guys, but they'll live on my bookshelf now with my other toys.
I'm REALLY disappointed about the Totoro! Their ears take foreverrr to sculpt out perfectly. Oh well....Stupid Boys!!

I'll be having some new earrings in the shop soon! Shrink plastic with my illustrations on them! I've been taking my personal pair on a test run for a few months now, for durability. They've held up perfectly well and show no sign of wear!
I have a few different colors and styles to offer, and they all come on sterling silver posts. I made a few pins too [cuz why not!]. I might expand to pendants too if I have the time and if people like my designs!

And one more thing in the works...greeting cards! I'll have those listed soon as well.


Tizzalicious said...

Ah, what a shame about the broken figurines! :(

I love the card! Very cute!

Jamie Ferraioli said...


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Well, at least it was only two! That's pretty good.