Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new earrings!

I finally have some new earrings in my shop! There's a few different styles and colors available. I have lots and lots more sketches and doodles ready to be made into jewelry. Just have to find the time, as usual.

I picked up some colored paper today (5 for a dollar at Joanne's!), to re-do a few product pictures in my Etsy shop. I've realized that the veils on my cake topper figurines are a little hard to see, so I'm going to play around with some darker backgrounds. I'm also sick of my white background I have for most of my figurines. ugh. I'm so indecisive. I spend more time changing around my photos, than anything else.

Next payday I think I'm going to go on a "things I don't need, but are oh so super cute I can't stand it, and must have it" shopping spree.

In the runnings....

cotton candy by scrumptiousdelight

happy sloth necklace by marymaryhandmade

bunting teapot by ninainvorm

mini geisha pillow at shanalogic

bonbon baller bag at loyal army

a GREEN!! jackalope by girlsavage


Michelle said...

cute everything!!

lauren carney said...

oh gosh.
your blog makes me so happy inside!
all the little quirky creations and vibrant colours rock my world.
Thankyou for being wonderful!
You've given me my daily dose of inspiration

Jamie Ferraioli said...

hehe, thanks!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

What's with the cake?