Friday, April 16, 2010

Paper Flower Template/Tutorial

Where I work, we acquire a lot of scrap paper. I thought a great "eco-friendly" thing to do with some of it and to also pretty up my desk area a bit was to make some paper flowers.
The flowers are three layers of paper - the large flower, then the small flower, then the circle. Any colorful paper will do. I used glue dots to stick them together, but tape or another glue would work too. Glue dots are just so easy!
Then I slightly folded the small flower's petals up a little to give it a little dimension.
Really simple, but fun to make. And just in time for Spring!

Click on the template to enlarge the image, then print it out, cut out the shapes and trace them on any scraps of paper you can find and you're all set!


Jenell Horne said...

Love these! You are so resourceful! You should totally make a topiary out of them-

Jamie Ferraioli said...

ooh that's so cute! what a great idea

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You are too much. Did I say that already on another post? But you are!