Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my favorite blue chair.

Once upon a time, there was a super cool & funky vintage teal swivel chair. Then one day, my boyfriend's butt broke through the vinyl seat. ugh.

I don't really know anything about fixing ripped vinyl. Is it even possible with a tear the size of a MAC truck? I should probably just reupholster the whole chair seeing as the color is starting to fade anyways. It looks a lot dirtier in this photo than it actually is. Don't exactly know the first thing about reupholstering either. I DO remember when my mom got her vintage kitchen chairs reupholstered, and I DO remember her saying it cost a lot. If anything, I remember her reminding me of that in a threatening manner every time I accidentally dropped a Sharpie marker (or a fork or some other pointy object) on the yellow vinyl.

Speaking of mom...she got me the greatest Easter basket in the history of Easter baskets! It's chock full of spices! Now all I need next is a spice rack of some sort.

Here's a few sketches and illustrations I've been working on. I have about half a sketchbook's worth of drawings that I need to scan in, but my computer has been giving me the skull and crossbones lately, threatening hard drive failure. Scary! So I don't want to stress it out with too much digital illustrating and coloring. I have to start searching for a new computer! I was thinking of getting a Mac this time. But I'm flying blind. Don't know where to start or what to get. Budget is limited of course.


emmajane said...

Your sketches are so sweet, looking forward to seeing how they progress.

That's a fantastic chair, good luck with the repair.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

thanks! Here's hoping both things turn out well!

Megan said...

That is a fantastic chair! I hope you can get it fixed without breaking the bank.

And I LOVE my Mac. I splurged and got the 15in. MacBook Pro but I know I would have been ok with just a regular ol' MacBook. They're worth the money in my opinion.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Every Mac owner I've talked to has never said a bad thing about Macs. Compared to PC...which is just about the opposite! Guess I better start saving my $$$ now!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You should tell the story about the chair. I think it would be expensive to reupholster--it would be harder than the yellow kitchen chairs. By the way it was Kurt's fat ass that split the yellow chairs just like Lou's!

Oh, I knew you'd love the spices!

Those illustrations look like they'd be great for people to color!

Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are gorgeous! LOVE! :)

Jamie Ferraioli said...

thank you!!