Tuesday, April 5, 2011

St. Patty's Day fun

This is probably one of the most timely posts on an event that I can manage. 3+ weeks later! shh...be quiet.

A big group of us went to Seaside, NJ to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We went last year too, but this year we got a hotel room! And just like last year, we missed the parade. But that's alright, because all of the fun lies in bar hopping along the boardwalk! Being the responsible adults we are, we thought we could better drink our faces off if we had a hotel room to stumble to at the end of the night. And let me tell you, if you're ever visiting Seaside, NJ, do not, DO NOT, I can't stress this enough, do not stay at the Surfside Motel. The only thing it has going for it, is being across the street from the boardwalk. Other than that, it was one of the worst motel experiences of my life. I would have rather slept in a gutter. The room was filthy. There were mysterious stains all over the floors, the wall, the couch. No toilet paper. Weird dirt on the shower floor. A dirty towel on top of the sink. Cigarette butts in the toilet. And it barely flushed. The two double beds had these strange 90's floral blankets and one of them had a period stain. They both dipped down in the middle like the springs were broken. We found an empty soda can under one of the beds. The air conditioner (thank god we didn't need it, because I doubt it worked) was half secured by peeling duct tape. There was a strange stovetop/sink/freezer combo in the living room area. Inside the freezer, there was at least 5 inches of solid ice and some strange mysterious colors/bits frozen within the mess. The worn table and 2 chairs looked like they'd been thrown down a few flights of stairs and then doused with mysterious liquids. The blinds were broken in different places. And there was a strange victorian style side table with a giant floor length mirror balancing on top, with a 4x6 piece of plywood screwed into the side to keep the mirror from sliding off.
You're probably thinking, well why didn't you complain? Why didn't you at least sleep in your car? Or get your money back?! Well the room was $15 each between four of us, and we really only planned on using it to sleep in for a few hours at the end of a drunken boardwalk escapade. Our motivation was....get as drunk as humanly possible so that the motel room doesn't seem so bad.

Aside from the motel drama, I shall continue....

Firstly, I decided to make a St. Patty's Day headband for the occasion. I cut clover shapes out of foam and felt, layered them, and covered some in glitter. Hot glued that all to a plain headband and BAM! fun and fancy accessorizing. I ended up making two headbands...one with glitter and one in gradating shades of green. Looking at the glittery pictures now, I'm wondering why I didn't choose the glittered one instead! Oh well...

Our terrible motel. Don't get me started on the mysterious floating objects in the pool.

See my cute green bow necklace? I got it from Acrylicana!

It was so crowded everywhere we went, people kept buying beers in bulk so everyone wouldn't have to wait on line. We had waaay too many.

And that's how it's done!


Sweetflutterbys3 said...

It looks like you had a blast! I love the hairband. Very creative!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Thanks! I love having excuses to make cute accessories! Hmm...maybe I'll make a sparkly star headband for the 4th of July next.