Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A little while ago, my mom gave me a huge box of my old papers and artwork from when I was little. And a separate box filled...FILLLED...with notes from high school. Oh the horror of all the teenager drama. Kids nowadays, do they ever write notes on PAPER? While a lot of it is embarrassing and I can't believe I ever talked like that, I'm thankful that I have them. They're funny memories. I feel kind of bad for future generations that probably won't have these kind of physical mementos of their childhood.

Anyway...the point of the story. In my younger box, I found a lot of silly stories I wrote. I thought one in particular that I wrote when I was 11 was pretty funny and my initial thoughts after reading it were "is this how nyan cat was born?!" Ok, it's a stretch, but it still made me laugh.

The entire story goes...

The Rainbow Lady

One day a girl named Alison was wondering how a rainbow was made.
Alison had asked her parents, her teacher, and her other relatives.
But nobody knew how a rainbow was made.
After a rain storm, a very colorful lady attracted Alison outside.
The lady said "I am the rainbow lady, I make the rainbows. I fly in the air and a rainbow comes out from my back."
From then on Alison knew how a rainbow was made.
The End.

Brilliant, isn't it? I probably should have gone into writing as a profession.

Maybe I'll share my murder mystery story next!

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