Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Updates

I think the last time I made some new Plini figurines in time for Halloween was 2 years ago. I don't know why I can't plan ahead! The holiday-themed figurines are my favorite, and I just forget about them for no good reason. But not this year! I just updated the shop with a whole bunch of Halloween-themed Plini figurines (and a few black pocket kitties!). I'm a big fan of the witch with her bright green face!

I have a few more figurines sculpted out and ready for painting, that I also want to make Halloween-themed. Some cupcake-topped gals specifically. Hopefully I can get to them in time!

I also recently finished up a custom doggy figurine. I typically only take custom requests on dog figurines because, unlike most cats (which my shop is jam-packed with), dogs look so different from one another. Kitties have a basic shape, but dogs are all over the place. Long snouts, short snouts, pointy snouts, smushy faces, big ears, short ears, ears that stick up, cropped ears, big tails, curly tails, fluffy fur, short fur, underbites, overbites, etc etc etc. I do try to stick to my style of figurine though! How did I do?

And now for some precious new kitty pictures because I'm in love with her. She's the bestest kitty ever! I couldn't have found a better cuddly addition. And she loves to play with my hair.