Saturday, February 2, 2008


I entered a photo of one of the scarves I wove in a color contest (You can check out the website here: Polka Dot Creations)and it was a finalist. How exciting is that?

That was some nice icing on the cake of morning.


Debi said...

OhmyGod Jam, that is great! Tell us more. What does it actually mean? That's a beautiful scarf. Not quite as pretty as the watermelon one you made though!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Oh sorry, I forgot no one else really knows what I'm talking about. There's these community groups on the photo hosting site Flickr and some have little contests to motivate people to submit their photos to their group photo pools. This particular group does little contests on a certain color per month. The winner of this past one got a $25 gift certificate somewhere. It's fun and really takes nothing to do. All I do is add my photo and wait.

Debi said...

Oh that sounds like fun Jam.