Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a coincidence...or perhaps not.

Complain and ye shall receive!

Seems like everyone is whining over what's fair on Etsy. Who's on the front page, who gets featured, who can nab a treasury, who's in the gift guide, who's in the gift guide MORE than once, and so on and so forth. I usually prefer to whine to myself. But yesterday I was browsing the gift guides looking for a present for someone's upcoming birthday (shh!) and noticed the same item listed twice in the same section. That was the last straw! I retreated to the Etsy forums to complain and received an acceptable answer. I should report the duplicate to the admin and they'd fix it. An oopsie on their part. one of my items shows up in the gift guide! Pocket Cacti

I'm not sure if this is the first time that one of my items has ever been in Etsy's gift guide, but this is the first time I've witnessed it. so yay! ...and also interesting.

I shall ponder this occurrence longer.

Also, say hello to my new pony charm freshly listed!


ismoyo said...

Complain and you'll receive? Is it because you complained or just because your pocket cacti is so cute it deserved to be in the gift guide?

Jamie Ferraioli said...

ooh, lets hope it's the second one!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Shopping for Kurt?

Of course I love the pony!