Friday, August 10, 2012

crazy weather

A week ago...or two weeks ago? Yeah maybe two weeks ago. The days just fly by! Anywho...we had a big storm in North Carolina. The sky tore open and a waterfall came pouring down with crazy crazy winds.

As fast as the storm came, it was over, but not before knocking down crazy amounts of trees in the area and cutting out our power and part of the town's. One giant tree even fell on the building next to ours, damaging the roof. We didn't have power for a whole day! Which was so awful, living on the third floor, where the heat rises and it's always a million degrees.
Every time we lose power I'm reminded that I need to pick up better candles. I can only light so many tealights. Not that we were excited to have all these little heat sources scattered around the apartment when it was 100 degrees.

I'm also reminded how helpless we all are when there's no electricity. No computers, no tv, no radio, no cooking, no lights, no charging cell phones or Nintendo DS's. All my ice cream steadily melting in the now turned off freezer. This is why books can never go out of style. It's one of those few things you can do without electricity. Of course, I'll admit, Lou was happily reading his book all night, while I sulked around the apartment. It was too hot to read.

Aside from the crazy weather, I finally finished up a teeny army of more small Plini figurines. These ones I'll be slowly listing in my shop. But I have a lot more that I'll be dropping off at This & That Gift Gallery today. More cupcakes, cookies and even a few doughnut girls!

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