Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eevee, the precious angelface

I'm slowly starting to grow my "crazy cat lady" army. We got a new kitty last week!

Say hello to Eevee (named after the Pokemon, cuz why not)

The shelter we got her from says she's about 4 months old. She was also there with her sister and brother. The brother was already adopted. And it was so so hard to not just adopt both sisters! Especially when they told me if you adopt one cat the second one is only half price. Box them up...I'll take em all! But I know we don't really have the room.
Since taking her home, she hasn't stopped purring! I've been joking that her purr box is broken and stuck on auto. I don't mind. It's so adorable.

I forgot how tiny kittens are too. My adult cats look like monsters next to her!

(some of these pictures are grainy because I took them using my tablet's crappy camera)

Spike was hissing and snorting his face off when we brought Eevee home, used to being the baby. But they're slowly becoming buddies now, which is awesome! He could use the kitten rough-housing exercise. He's close to 18 pounds about now. My meatball.

We're also convinced that Eevee's a genius cat too. She didn't need any help finding the litter box and she watches tv! Those are the two main factors that determine cat genius, I'm pretty sure.


Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Awwww, how cute! My daughter loves Eevee and Pokemon so I just had to show her your post :)

Jamie "Green" Ferraioli said...

Aw yay! Yeah, she doesn't look anything like the actual Pokemon, but Eeevee sounded a lot cuter than some of the other cat-like Pokemon names!